Katherine L. Dieber

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Katherine Dieber is a shiny, herpetology-loving junior who lives in the [[Currier Cave]] and is majoring in [[Art Studio]] and [[Mathematics]]. She is co-leader of the [[(Moocho Macho Moocow Military) Marching Band]] and , heads [[Dancesport]], and edits the [[Mad Cow]]. She also fiddles occasionally in [[Rude Cider]], but prefers to dance the [[Contradance]]s that the band plays at. Katy's claim to eminence is her status as the [[Not-Pope]] of [[WARP]]. Katy also has a special fondness for horrible, horrible clothing, which she purchases at thrift stores and wears at [[Driscoll Deviations]], or any other time she has a moderate excuse to do so.
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