Lehman Community Service Council

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'''What the heck is the | name = Lehman Council, anyway?'''Community Engagement| type = Community ServiceThe Lehman Council is the student| contact-run umbrella organization for all volunteer and servicename = Allison Li| contact-oriented groups on campusunix = awl4| listserv = For more information, check out this linkcom/forms/viewform?hl=en&id=1beUYa82ca69ABWKwF1KKjQLpRsGZh_wYX9hY5qYKs1c| website =
[ New webpage The Lehman Council for Community Engagement is a student-run organization that connects the Williams College Center community with various service projects throughout the Berkshires. In addition to smaller monthly and annual projects, the board organizes a Fall and a Spring Great Day of Community EngagementService to engage the wider campus community. Service opportunities range from volunteering at the Berkshire Humane Society, helping at the local co-op farms, building for Habitat for Humanity, and many more!]<br> If interested in weekly updates regarding ongoing projects in the community, anyone can