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| All-Male A Cappella
! PresidentPresidents| Harold Theurer Ethan Kendall '1722.5, Aaron Schroen '23.5
! Music DirectorDirectors| Derek Galvin Loren Tsang '1822, Hamza Mankor '22
! Auditions
| September 12th through 14thTBD
! Membership:
! Website:
| http
Harold TheurerEthan Kendall, Baritone (President)
Will SagerHamza Mankor, BassTenor I (Music Director)
Loren Tsang, Tenor II (Music Director)
Derek GalvinKen Morotomi, Baritone Bass (Music DirectorSocial Media)
Kevin DeptulaAaron Schroen, Tenor II Baritone (TreasurerPresidentKirk Woo, Tenor II Web Farabow, Bass
Guanyu Zhu, Tenor I
Erik BovinoRyan Crants, Bass (Asst. Music Director) Fred Guo, Tenor I (Business ManagerTreasurer)
David "YJ" HuangPeter Miles, Tenor III (Social Media)
Tom BenzJakin Miller, Baritone(Business Manager)
Yufeng Wu, Tenor II
To be announced September 17th, 2016Fall 2021ǃ
Sebastian Arcelus '99 (Actor, ''House of Cards'')
Harold Eric '17 (Actor, Director, Producer, ''Daddydelphia'')
Check out our homepage for more information: http
The Springstreeters also served as the inspiration for the name of the Williams College streaking team, the [[Springstreakers]], and the Waterstreeters, another all-male a cappella group.