Katherine L. Dieber

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Katherine Dieber is a shiny, herpetology-loving junior who lives in the [[Currier Cave]] with her awesome roomate [[Samreen Kazmi '07]]and is majoring in [[Art Studio]] and [[Mathematics]]. She is co-leader of the [[(Moocho Macho Moocow Military) Marching Band]], heads [[Dancesport]], and edits the [[Mad Cow]]. She also fiddles occasionally in [[Rude Cider]], but prefers to dance the [[Contradance]]s that the band plays at. Katy's claim to eminence is her status as the [[Not-Pope]] of [[WARP]]. Katy also has a special fondness for horrible, horrible clothing (liable to scald your eyes, or at least make yo want to spork thm out in protest), which she purchases at thrift stores and wears at [[Driscoll Deviations]], or any other time she has a moderate excuse to do so. Despite working an an ice cream/chocolate cafer, Katy has managed to retain her sweet tooth.
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