Stuff the CUL should do

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** . . . and make those clusters Prospect House, Greylock Quad, Mission, and Dodd Quad, into which all students with liberty at their pick number will be free to pick into, or not. All other buildings on campus will remain officially unaffiliated, but free to participate what cluster activities the cluster residents and leaders wish to open to them.
***... Once a year, we can raid the non-Clusterite dorms and pillage their rooms, stealing their young for the random cluster-related odd job, such as clipping my toenails while I read...
***Okay, ''you'' might think that's a good idea, and ''I'' might think that's a good idea, but we both know that the CUL is going to be just as receptive to that notion as the heartfelt, sincere, well-thought-out suggestion that they decrease the number of cluster to ''one''. We are but poor Williams students who know next to nothing about social critical masses, genuine communities, or other vague and meaningless buzzwords.**Seriously, four is a good number. There are four class years on campus, four traditional dining halls, four houses each in Mission and Greylock. Five clusters make anchor housing even more contrived and artificial than it has to be.*Realize that they are the committee on UNDERGRADUATE life and take the opinions, needs, and desires of that constituancy as their guiding light, rather than appeasement of the administration and perpetuation of their own position**Seconded. Opinion polls all 'round.*So the transition is going to be accomplished by a coupled room draw / cluster draw, where assigned room pick numbers are inversely related to cluster pick numbers. ''This should be how rising sophomores are assigned to clusters every year from now on.'' That would temper a lot of the awfulness of anchor housing, while still preventing "theme housing" from developing.
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