Green Up

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Lady residents of Green Up include, but are not limited to, [[Lucy Cox-Chapman '06]], [[Leah Weintraub '06]], [[Katie Lewkowicz '06]], [[Carolyn Reuman '06]], [[Christine Hunt '06]] and [[Miss 301 '06]]
[[Leah Weintraub '06]] posesses a superior mathematical intellect but no spelling ability, making her perfectly suited to Su Doku but a failure at crossword puzzles. [[Katie Lewkowicz '06]] seranades us on her guitar and has more energy for life than the rest of us all combined which is probably why she is the star of her own group.[[Lucy Cox-Chapman '06]] can polisci better than you can polisci, and dazzles us with her singing abilities at every [[Accidentals]] show!
== History ==
Green Up did not exist before [[2005]] and, as such, has no history. Of course, having no history is having a history of no history, so it might be more prudent to state that Green Up's History is short and sweet.
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