National Academic Quiz Tournaments

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National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC, is an organization that produces quiz bowl questions and holds regional and national tournaments at the high school and college level every year. Currently led by R. Robert Hentzel, NAQT is a timed tossup/bonus format with 9-minute halves. NAQT is thought to occupy a middle ground between [[CBI]] and [[ACF]]: its questions contain some pop culture and current events but have consistently high academic content, harder than CBI but easier than ACF; its tossups emphasize pyramidality but are shorter and less dense than those of ACF; its bonii are all worth 30 points; it is timed, though the last bonus can be finished after time expires. Many players criticize NAQT for having too many "cutesy" questions and not enough academic content, though not to the extent that CBI is.
Detailed team performance at NAQT tournaments for the past few years can be found at
[[Dave Letzler '06]] is currently a freelance question-writer for NAQT.
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