The Greatest Game in the World

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* Don't worry about your level of artistic talent. Usually a mix of players of different drawing skills produces the best games, with a higher level of artistic incompetence producing more hilarity. (The author has never observed a game in which all participants were skilled artists but imagines it would be substantially different.)
* Starting with a sentence that has several blatantly undrawable concepts ("the thermal coefficient of expansion," "zero-sum game," statements related to time, etc.) tends to yield funnier results. Other starting sentence types that work well are song lyrics, quotations, and ending sentences from previous games.
* One sneaky strategy common in groups of mixed sensibilities is conscious censoring of "inappropriate" content. (Conversely, some people will consciously inappropriatize formerly clean content.) Also seen in [[Telephone Oracle]], it is not quite fair in Greatest Game but can often lead to funny contrasts.
* Don't use technical jargon, because people will look at you funny. (It's okay if you're passing to people within your field, though.)
* Being upstream of [[Sean A. Carollo '07]] may be deleterious to your mental health and general sense level.
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