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Thai Garden
Yummy Thai food, reasonably priced, decent portions and conveniently located on Spring Street. What's not to like? A mainstay in Williamstown dining; you won't graduate without having a meal here. The servers, who seem actively hostile to students, do detract from the experience. Possibly the worst service of any place in town after the Red Herring.
Thai tips: If you have never eaten Thai food before, the Pad Thai is a good thing to order. Except that it's not really that much like real pad thai, it's too sweet and the noodles are very chewy. Also, Thai iced tea rocks. For dessert, the Thai custard is delightful. Try going at lunch, when the portions and quality are as good, but discounted about 25% over dinner prices!
Try the Thai Red Curry: It's unbelievably good.
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