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Long distance relationships can be troublesome, and some people would suggest that you avoid them at all costs. They generally only work when both parties are really committed to the relationship; they pretty much invariably don't work if you're more attracted to your S.O.'s hot body than to their witty banter.
If at all possible, avoid getting involved (whether in a relationship or simply a casual hook-up) with one of your entrymates ("entry incest") or, God forbid, someone in your a capella cappella group. Imagine spending two or three years having to sing cheerfully next to someone you went through a nasty breakup with, and you'll understand why. Unless you're really, really sure that that nasty breakup won't ever happen, it's probably not worth it. After all, as [[Dave Letzler '06]] once boldly claimed, it is ''possible'' to date outside your a cappella group.
And don't feel obligated to actually be in a relationship while here. While some people feel the need to "pretend" to be happy being single, it really does provide freedom and entertainment for extended periods of time.
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