Laurie Brink

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When she posts on [[WSO Blogs]], she is known as [ odd bird]. She was perhaps the most active alum in the blog-based discussion of [[Anchor housing]] in the spring of 2005. But she is not exactly an alum, either, since she attended Williams only from 2001-2003, and therefore did not, in fact, graduate from Williams. She would have been in the class of '05 had she stuck around that long.
While she was at Williams, she was a member of the [[Elizabethans]], [[WARP]], the [[Deviants]], the [[College Bowl]] team, and the [[Concert Choir]]. She was, in other words, a total [[Odd Quad]]-style geek. But hey, apparently [ someone ] thinks she's awesome, which makes her happy.
She still reappears on campus periodically, usually to play or run [[Williams Trivia]].