Climate Initiative

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== The Williams College Climate Initiative ==

Climate change is a preeminent challenge of our time. Its effects will be felt throughout the world for generations to come. Williamstown, the state of Massachusetts, and peer institutions have already set targets for greenhouse gas emission reductions. As one of the nation’s foremost institutions of higher learning, Williams College has an obligation to lead by example. '''In signing this petition, we call upon President Schapiro and the Board of Trustees to adopt a Climate Action Plan that would ensure a 10% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2010, and a 20% reduction by 2015.''' The Plan would entail compiling an updated, comprehensive carbon emission inventory, laying out a framework and timeline to achieve our reduction targets, and hiring a Campus Sustainability Coordinator to facilitate the Climate Action Plan and all future sustainability projects.


The undersigned.

'''Background information:'''
* Williams College is responsible for emitting 34,700 tons of carbon dioxide per year, a quarter of Williamstown’s total emissions. This is approximately 11.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per person at Williams College.

* More than 37 colleges and universities have set an example by meeting or beating the Kyoto Protocol agreement for emissions reductions.

* Williamstown has already adopted a climate action plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 10% percent by 2010. Williams College is a member of this community and an integral part of the town’s plan.

* Natural variability alone cannot account for the recent changes in global climate. Scientific models can explain climate changes in the last 50 years only by taking into account greenhouse gas emissions attributable to humans.

* [[Historical Temperature Variations]]

== Signatures ==

If you support this initiative, please add your name by clicking "Edit this page" below. You must be logged in as yourself for your signature to count (all changes to the page are recorded). Many community members will be tabling in dining halls after Thanksgiving, so you will also have the opportunity to sign then. If you are interested in helping to table, email 06enl.

* Emily Russell-Roy
* Robin Stewart
* Justin Bates
* Keith McWhorter
* Marcus Duyzend
* Sarah Gardner
* John Kleiner
* Ashlee Martinez
* Carolyn Reuman