Deploying a web service on WSO

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A lot of open-source web software is out there just waiting to be deployed here at Williams: media lending software, wiki software, calendar software, blog software, radio scheduling software, you name it. These can either be useful for a particular student group, all students, or throughout the Eph diaspora. WSO has web servers that can host this software, and this page will give you some tips for deploying a service at Williams.
If you have an idea for a new service and want to build it yourself, check out [[How to hack on the WSO site]].
To do anything on WSO, as always, you will first need to [[How to get a WSO account|get a WSO account]].
If your software is just meant for a small group of people, maybe the administrator model will work for you. However, if you want to make your service all-Williams and Williams-only, you'll want to authenticate against LDAP servers, the same thing [ Blackboard] uses to check your password. See if your package either has LDAP support built in or if it's available as an extension or plugin. You might want to check the software maintainer's site for such an extension
Here are settings for authenticating different types of users. Ideally, you can authenticate more than one type, but that will depend what kind of support your software has. Of course, if you are a true [[Students with Computer Skills|badass]], you shouldn't be afraid to write your own extension to handle multiple LDAP settings. In all cases, you need to somehow substitute $USER with the name of the user that's logging in.
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