Climate Initiative/FAQ

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Wherein we strive to clear up any confusions about the Williams [[Climate Initiative]].
=== Why are no details provided about meeting the goals? ===
The petition is simply setting targets for carbon emissions reductions and asking that the college commit to meeting those targets by developing a Climate Action Plan (i.e. it hasn't been written yet!) Although there are plenty of examples of what other colleges are currently doing to meet their own targets, in order for a plan to be truly effective, it needs to take a lot of things into consideration: current levels of emissions and cost-benefit analysis of various actions, to name a couple. The process of developing a plan took Yale almost a year. What we propose is that the college adopt the targets right away, and then immediately hire someone who can do the proper analyses to develop a plan that is suited to Williams. The urgency is that, considering how long an action plan can take, and considering how far behind other colleges (and [ Williamstown]!) we are, we need to take the first initial steps now.