Jono Dowse

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Jono's other interests include sensible architecture, Swiss German, keeping a nature journal, and following H*R plus a scarily large number of [[List of Webcomics|webcomics]]. He also created [[Goofy Star Dude]] and is a great guy to boot. Jono went to Switzerland to study rural building in summer 2005 and took 4000 photographs and some of those can be found in the [ report he wrote] about his observations.
Jono is a member of the Williams [[Cross Country Running|cross country]] team, to join which he quit [ marching band] (Jono saysadmits: ouch!! at least well, I still come to some bball gamesguess I pretty much did), and is known to run really excessive distances on occasion and to attempt to get others to do the same.
Also, he eats snow.