Summer in Williamstown

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===Jobs at Williams===
A large percentage of the students who stay in williams for the summer are employed through various academic departments doing research for their theses, although working on campus doesn't exactly require a such a project. Many departments will provide housing but no meal plan or perhaps the other way around, housing is generally around $35$ per week and meals in packages of 5, 10, 14, and 21. Inquire to the department of your major for summer job opportunities, usually to get the job you must stay here for most of the summer.
Apart from research, there are plenty of other jobs on campus:
===Housing, etc.===
Summer on campus housing starts with a smaller scale room draw late in spring semester. Usually there will be only 2 or 3 dorms availiable. In past years, these have included Sage Hall, Morgan Hall, the Greylock dorms, Mission Park, and East. As mentioned earlier, past summers it's cost $35$ per week, so if you want to stay away from home it's budget friendly.
Off campus housing can be found on Meadow street, above Goff's and elsewhere on spring street, Hoxsey, and where ever else people with yearlong leases will be trying to fill up summer space.