Summer in Williamstown

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Housing, etc.
===Housing, etc.===
Summer on campus housing starts with a smaller scale room draw late in spring semester. Usually there will be only 2 or 3 dorms availiable. In past years, these have included Sage Hall, Morgan Hall, the Greylock dorms, Mission Park, and East. As mentioned earlier, past summers it's cost 35$ per week, so if you want to stay away from home it's budget friendly. Off campus housing can be found on Meadow street, above Goff's and elsewhere on spring street, Hoxsey, and where ever else people with yearlong leases will be trying to fill up summer space.
Often students living in summer housing will have to purchase a meal plan, 5 is the smallest. Every summer there is some upset about the lack of kitchen facilities, people who want to cook for themselves can us the CES kitchen in Kellog, the kitchen in Rice, and if they are in use the kitchen in whichever Greylock dorm.