Climate Initiative

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=== Signatures ===
If you support We have finished collecting signatures -- well over a thousand people including those who signed on paper, by email, and on this initiative, please add your name to the petitionpage. There are several ways of doing Thank you for this:* If you are a '''current student''', just click the "edit" link to the right impressive and add your name at the bottom significant show of the list. You must be logged in as yourself for your signature to count (all changes to the page are recorded)support.
* If you are a '''faculty/staff/alumni''' member, simply send an email to <email></email> with your name and faculty/staff/class year in the subject line. (Current students can use this method too if they wish.)
* Community members are now tabling at dining halls, so look for the opportunity to sign there or on any paper copies you come across. If you are interested in helping to table, email 06enl.