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== 6 House Pub ==
The 6 House Pub, just three minutes south on Rt 7 next to the 1896 House, is legend amongst old Williams alum for the place to be to hang out. Re-opened this past July of 2005, the 6 House offers a very simple menu of sandwiches, salads, and burgers for your dining pleasure. The burgers are just plain awesome, probably the best in town, and the wings are certainly on a level comparable to Ye Olde Forge, but much closer to town. The beer selection, while not as expansive as the Forge's, is still decent in its own respect. Perhaps the greatest trait of the 6 House is that it is close to campus and just a great place to hang out with a quaint bar area (including a big screen and 6 tvs) and very pleasant dining room with fire place and outdoor terrace with fire pit. The prices are also very fair for the amount of food you get. Try it some time, you won't be disappointed. Especially if you get the warm brownie sundae...
== Antonio's Pizza ==
An asian fusian restaurant that is better than both Thai Garden and Chopsticks (in my opinion). Jae's Inn is also less pricey than Thai Garden...It's located just a little past Walmart on the right. Their pad thai is especially amazing if you prefer your pad thai an americanized, sugar filled glob. The sushi is divine as well.
It's a little far, but definitely worth the drive! It's also an Inn (as you might guess from the name...), so it's a bit nicer, but the ambiance is still very warm and inviting, with an art collection better suited for the walmart across the street.  Le Jardin is owned by the same people and is a much classier (and much pricier) option closer to home.
1111 South State Street (Rt 8) North Adams, MA 01247 (413) 664-0100
(413) 458-5200
== Sushi Thai Garden ==
Yummy Thai food, reasonably priced, decent portions and conveniently located on Spring Street. What's not to like? A mainstay in Williamstown dining; you won't graduate without having a meal here. The servers, who seem actively hostile to students, do detract from the experience. Possibly the worst service of any place in town after the Red Herring.