Summer Humanities and Social Sciences

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A group of 30 or so incoming freshmen who spend the month of July in Williamstown, taking intro courses to Poli-Sci, Comparative Literature, Psychology, and Philosophy. The freshman are chosen through a complicated lottery system. The professors for summer of 2005 included director and Prof. Gail Newman, Prof. Steve Fein, Prof. Steve Gerrard, and the recently added Poli-Sci professor- Prof. Sam Crane. The professors automatically become the freshmen's advisor once they arrive on campus in September.
The freshman get the lucky chance to live on posh upperclassmen housing (Wood House!) and [ in Williamstown]. Trips to Tanglewood, the Steeplecats, and Six Flags are usually big hits.
Also, it should be noted that the SHSS alums are ridiculously good looking. Most especially [ Cat Vielma '09] and [ Celia Rodriguez '09]. There are also some New Y-ah-rkers as well. [ Nai Wilds '09] and [ Naya Martin '09] are among the most notorious.