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Hickory Bill's Bar-B-Que: New
If Subway's not good enough, better you stop walking at [[Guide to Off-Campus Dining#Pappa Charlie's Deli|Pappa Charlie's]]. If you want that touch of class with the meal, hit up their juice bar downstairs.
== Hickory Bill's Bar-B-Que ==
A narrow restaurant set up like a take-out joint, Hickory Bill's is known to Williams students for providing a solid rendition of a cuisine unavailable anywhere else in the area. Bill's is good for one thing and one thing only, and that's Texas barbecue, primarily beef ribs and sides.
Maybe not the place for a date, but if it's Texas ribs you want, here's where you gotta go. [[Jonathan Landsman|I]] enjoyed all parts of my meal of ribs, cornbread, and beans, but was not quite impressed by anything. Since I went only once, someone more familiar with the fare should replace these sentences with more detailed and accurate knowledge.
== Hobson's Choice ==