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Apply early, apply often - all you need is one place to say 'yes' and you're good. There are tons of opportunities to apply to, but sometimes the best internships are the ones you make for yourself. Don't be afraid to ask - everyone loves unpaid help (as long as you don't [ abuse the privilege].
== Journalism ==
=== Newspapers ===
Just about every paper offers an internship - just plug in the title and the word 'internship' into Google to find the page. However, the more prestigious or big the paper, the more selective the internship. Also, it's good to inquire to make sure you know exactly what you're getting into (so, for example, if you're interested in sports you won't be covering fashion).
== International Relations ==
=== [ University of Dreams] ===
Nice title, flashy web site, good marketing pitch, sounds like a winner, right? Wrong. For $6000 (yes, [ six thousand dollars] ) you get a "guaranteed internship." in NYC, Chicago or LA. You know a program is bad when they don't list the cost anywhere on their web site.