Door buzzer

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The First Buzzer Disabling in Recorded History
Once upon a time, not long ago, there lived a student in the large double on the first floor of [[Hubbell]], the "[[Hubbell Double]]" as some call it. Besides being an excellent room in location, size, and other amenities, this double has the distinct advantage of having access to a nice little patio. Now, patios on the Williams College campus are much like terraces in apartment buildings in real life: they raise the perceived value of the room significantly, even though tenants who move typically find themselves using it for storage space, or not at all. "What a keen little terrace" they think, and they pay the extra cost for the flat, worth about half a room, and imagine the barbecuing and people watching they'll be able to do. Alas, their grand plans rarely ever come to fruition, and so also is it on the Williams Campus, where subzero weather for about 2/3 the academic year makes most not want to sit outside when they could sit inside in a warm room.
But the gentleman who resided that year in Hubbell was different. An avid hiker in the [[WOC| Outing Club]] and a confirmed [[Polar Bear Swim|Polar Bear]], this hardy Vermonster was not to be daunted from using his patio. He'd picked into the room with his mind's eye on a rocking chair and a mug of tea, both of which could be properly enjoyed on said patio. Temperature would be no bar to the realization of these dreams.
But this man had not counted on the door buzzer. You see, because the door from his room was an ''external'' door, even though it felt like just a door from one part of his room to another, it was a one-way door, unopenable from the outside and equipped with a buzzer that would sound if the door were propped, and produce a noise, he soon discovered, that was not propitious to the enjoying of tea on a rocking chair.