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Taught by Prof. Murphy, the king of witty and dry sarcasm, this class is the simplest writing intensive course ever brought to Williams. "Writing intensive" really means, one page (double spaced!) response to the weekly reading. By "response" I mean, how did you feel? Did you like it? The biggest paper is a 3-5pager. Only thing is you can't miss more than 2 classes. But you can easily get by without reading a thing.
-What moron wrote this? English 115 isn't a "difficult" class, but it shouldn't be scoffed at. There's over 20 pages of graded writing (besides the responses) and he isn't such an easy grader. "Get by without reading a thing"? Are you joking?
===Math 106===
Taught by Garrity, this is both an easy and entertaining class. Homework is optional, but TAs will "grade" it if you do it. There are weekly quizzes, but these involve the easiest conceivable problems from the previous week's material. There are three exams, and about 10% of the class received a 100 on each of the first two exams. If you've taken Calc AP BC, which presumably everyone in the class has done, there's very little material that is really new. I got an A on about half an hour of work per week.
-Don't listen to this arrogant jerk - Math 106 requires a lot of hard work. If you're really good at calculus than I suppose it would be easy, but most people who consider themselves quite adept at Calculus still found the exams very difficult and the homework very time-consuming. "half an hour of work per week"? You're just a jackass.