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Pranks Involving Rooms: linkified
** Having decided that the prank war was something to be shared, Jesse and Chris conspired to set up a trash bag full of packing peanuts inside the door to ('04) Sarah Croft's room. When the door opened, so did the bag, and Sarah got deluged in polystyrene.
* Halloween '05 - The lovely ladies of [[Poker Flats|Poker]] 'A' snuck into Poker 'B' and stole their manly neighbors' beloved Dinosaur named Sinclair. Sinclair was hung by the neck off the porch and covered with 'blood'. In response, the boys of 'B' waited until late Sunday night/early Monday morning to STEAL THE TOILET SEATS ''steal the toilet seats'' from the two bathrooms in 'A'. For 3 three long days the 'B' boys enjoyed their victory as the 'A' girls built their leg muscles doing some squat-sits over the toilets.
== Seasonal Pranks ==