Co-op Pick 2006

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# 6 Milham or Doughty
# 7 [Milham, Doughty or LambertChadbourne] -- We believe this is false. It was added by Ben Cohen, who is class of '06. Is there something we should know, Ben? <-- Actually, I was lying on the floor talking to someone who was not Ben Co-hen, but who was logged in as Ben Co-hen, and gave that person my top three picks. But those are our intentions. ThanksAlso, in the event that we end up in Doughty with four extra rooms, I feel obliged to mention that we already have four vegetarians who are extraordinarily squeamish about the presence of meat and beer. -->
# 4 Milham - We fully intend to continue the Milham tradition by throwing parties, so either fill it up or be prepared for drunken fun! Given that pick 2 is apparently false about wanting Milham, this is a very real possibility. <-- No, pick 2 was not being false. -->
# 7