Co-op Pick 2006

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# 6 Milham
# 7 Milham, Doughty or Chadbourne <-- In the event that we end up in Doughty with four extra rooms, I feel obliged to mention that we already have four vegetarians who are extraordinarily squeamish about the presence of meat and beerand noise. In fact, they hate it when I blast my music. -->
# 4 Milham - We want to be very straightforward about the fact that we see Milham as having a crucial tradition as a party house, and feel it is our duty to continue this tradition. There is a very large possibility that if six people pick in before us, we will pick in and throw parties. We just want to be honest about this. We would also, however, love to know who is in the pick right behind us, because this could influence things. Who are you, pick 4?
# 7 Lambert