Co-op Pick 2006

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# 6 Alex Hogan, Caroline Doctor, Danielle Grunwald, Brian Van Wyck, Matt Davis and Eileen Douglas--(hey pick 6, where you guys going?)
# 7 Tyler Auer, Douglas Hammond, Benjamin Echols, Norman Nicholson, Rohanuelson Mehra, Zachary Grossman, Perry Fridley
# 4 Liz Spragins, Meghan MacNaughton, Helen Selonick, Rachel Jordan. if we get stuck with the rectory we're taking schow. by force. and that includes the eco cafe. we'll even bake for everyone. (bring your own meat or beer, we provide cookies only)
# 5 Caitlin Sullivan, Ashley McDonnell, Elizabeth Dill, Ann Levin, Lexi Augustine
# 4