Co-op Pick 2006

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# 6 Milham. Laura Lee, Emily Button, Devin Yagel, Mike Tyson, Jen Menzies, Allegra Funsten, Angela Doyle, Chris Merwin.
# 7 Doughty <-- In the event that we end up in Doughty with four extra rooms, I feel obliged to mention that we already have four vegetarians who are extraordinarily squeamish about the presence of meat and beer and noise. In fact, they hate it when I blast my music. --> Chung, Madonna, Parsons, Merwin Koppe, Moscoe, Platt, Martin, Montgomery(+ Merwin & Madonna if they are both so inclined.)
# 4 Milham - This is to groups 1 and 2: you are expressing a lot of aversion to having parties, and to meat, etc. Have you considered living together? It seems that you have very similar desires. Chadbourne and Woodbridge, for example, hold 15 people and are supposed to be extremely nice.
# 7 Lambert Elizabeth Pierce, Fred, Natalie Vokes, Alison Penning, Katie Baldiga, Courtney Gainer, Chris Merwin, Kate Geoghegan, Colleen Gerritty