Co-op Pick 2006

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# 3 (Rumor has it these people are going off-campus)
# 6 We want to live in anywhere but Susie I hate susie hopkins, I heard they have a cockroach, mouse, rabbit, gerbil and turantula/scorpian mutant infestations. Alex Hogan, Caroline Doctor, Danielle Grunwald, Bruce Willis, Brian Van Wyck, Matt Davis, Chris Merwin, and Eileen Douglas--(hey pick 6, where you guys going?)
# 7 We will only live in Susie Hopkins. Even with the infestations, we love bugs and small animals, and by we, I really only mean me (Tyler).ugly<->stick Auer, Dougbert's leaving, Benjamin Echols, Norman Nicholson, Snacktime travels, Zachary Grossman, Perry Fridley
# 4 Liz Spragins, Julie Cooper, Meghan MacNaughty, Chris Merwin, Helen Selonick, Rachel Jordan.
# 5 Caitlin Sullivan, Chris Merwin, Ashley McDonnell, Bob Saget, Elizabeth Dill, Ann Levin, Lexi Augustine