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Nice title, flashy web site, good marketing pitch, sounds like a winner, right? Wrong. For [ $6000 - $9000]) you get a "guaranteed internship." in NYC, Chicago, LA, or London. You know a program is bad when they don't list the cost anywhere on their web site.
=== [ DC Internships] ===
Don't let the .org fool you. For many thousands of dollars, you can get an internship available for free with a little determination and timeliness. For example, the [ Institute on Political Journalism] places you with organizations that offer their own (free) internship programs. While it's not a complete scam - you do attend Georgetown University classes for much of the time - it does charge for things (namely, internship placements) that shouldn't cost anything.
=== [ Washington Internship Program] ===
[ Costly] - again, you're getting something you don't have to pay for.
== Locations ==
=== Washington, DC ===
Can be [ heaven or hell], depending on your ability to handle politics 24x7. While it can be intimidating (and the humidity oppressive), you can't beat playing frisbee on the National Mall or being able to stroll past the White House on your way to work.