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Pranks I/Onvolving Computers
''She's only programmed to be very nice <br> But she's as cold as ice <br> Whenever I get too near''<br>-- ''Yours Truly 2095,'' Electric Light Orchestra
* In the middle of October, [[Brian Hirshman '06]] noticed that [[Johannes Pulst-Korenberg '06]] was away from his keyboard. Brian deftly set Johannes's keyboard layout to [[Dvorak Keyboard Layout|Dvorak]], which is different then the standard QWERTY layout that most people use. Johannes quickly found that his keystroke input was more or less unusable, and demanded that Brian change it back. Johannes vowed revenge, and got some on [[Halloween]] (see [[#Pranks involving rooms|Pranks involving rooms]]).
* ''Williams classic:'' Many [[Berkshire Symphony Orchestra]] parties ended with the host's desktop background set to a tiled image of someone's [[WSO Facebook]] picture, guaranteeing confusion when they woke the next morning.