Students with automotive skills

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Here are students who can do cool stuff with cars. Include good stories to illustrate.
===Drive Stick Shift===
[ Logan Gerrity] (with his left ear)
[ Evan Miller] (maniacally)
[[Ronit Bhattacharyya '07]] (Only ever driven stick shift; now I just wish I could drive on the right side of the road)
[ [Anne Royston '08]] (can shift from both driver's and passenger's seat; working on backseat)
[ Matthew Earle '07] (Double-clutch downshifts saves wear on synchros, but may have caused the expensive timing chain misalignment he just had fixed)
[ Dave Kleinschmidt] (also must watch for moose and road conditions unfavorable to those without snow tires)
[ Valerie Owens]
[ Rahul Shah] (who thinks automatic is for the weak and the infirm)
===Drive Really Fast In Reverse===
[[Toby Hall]]
[ Thomas Miller]
[ Liz Weinberg '11] Once got two flat tires within three weeks. Got good at changing them.
===Jumpstart a Car===
=== Parallel Park ===
[[Jonathan Landsman]], native New Yorker, has parked in spots so tight that getting in and out depended on using room provided by nudging cars parked in front and behind, counting on the flexibility of their shocks. His record in Williamstown was set when moving into his [[Morgan#East|Morgan East]] room for the [[Summer 2004|Summer summer of 2004]], when he parked at the top of [[Spring Street]], leaving enough room on either end of the car to fit one finger, but not two.
And [[Macy Radloff]], native Bostonian, was proud of the her three finger park--three in front, zero in the back because she was bumper to bumper with the next car. It seems as though she has been outdone, by one finger. She can, however, parallel park the B&G 12 passenger vans in relatively tight spots, which she still considers an accomplishment. :''Jonathan replies:'' we can call it a tie. I could fit somewhere between 1 and 2 fingers on either side, so if it was one and a half, we're even. Plus, you, being a lady, probably have daintier, thinner fingers.
[ David Rodriguez] is also a native New Yorker and often takes it upon himself to giggle at the non-city folk that have such a tough time parking in huge spots on Spring Street.
[[Toby Hall]], yet another native New Yorker who never had the luxury of a parking garage. I got three words for you: "Alternate Side Parking"
[ Rahul Shah], like a monkey can write Shakespeare
===Get Parking Tickets ===
[[Jonathan Landsman|Jonathan Landsman '05]] two in three days in Queens, NYC. Both while at the vehicle, one while inside it.
[ David Rodriguez] accidentally left car parked illegally outside of [[Mission Park|Mission]] for days to find 4 tickets upon his return.
[ Lucy Cox-Chapman] forgot that her car was parked at the end of [[Spring Street]] for four days and found 3 tickets when she finally remembered.
[[Charlie Giammattei]], who left his car in front of [[BryantHouse]] House in 2005 for four days, incurring TEN tickets from [[securitySecurity]]. He then claimed to [[Dave Boyer]] that the car was broken and he had taken it to [[Flamingo Motors]] for repairs. Dave Boyer knew Charlie's car was American-made and Flamingo only deals with foreign-made vehicles... needless to say Somehow, Charlie paid the pricemanaged to graduate without ever settling up with Security.
[[Toby Hall]] 2 tickets at the [[Greylock Dining Hall|Greylock]] parking trap, 1 in NYC, from a meter-maid who was waiting by the car until expiration, 1 outside of [[Weston Language Center|Weston]] for being an idiot and parking overnight because he had forgotten where he left his car.
[ Dave Kleinschmidt '09] thought it would be cute to part a [[Junior Advisor|JA]]'s car as close to Fay as possible, which was inside the then-removed vehicle-blocking metal posts, thus earning a parking ticket upon emerging from the dorm less than 10 minutes later.
[ Matthew Earle] $605 ($305 ticket + $300 NY State fee for points on license) on I-87 south of Plattsburgh for 88, that they know about, in a 65)
[ Evan Miller] (88 on I-88 in Bainbridge, NY, incurring what seemed to be a reasonable $155 fine . . . that later blossomed into a $455 fine due to New York State's $300 "Reckless Driver SurchargeResponsibility Assessment." If you go 21 MPH over the speed limit in New York, then in addition to your ticket, you will instantly qualify for 6 "points," which translates into an assessment of $100 per annum for three years.)
[ Andrew Wang] ($115 on I-80 in Wayne, NJ for doing 88 in a 55...I swear to God I thought it was a 65...)
[ Cat Vielma] 4 tickets, over 70 mph in a 45mph speeding's called Lake Shore Drive, and no one will stop me... not even $115 City of chicago tickets
-:''especially if daddy pays for the $115 tickets''
[ Sarah Steege] 1 ticket, $200ish, at the beach in Wilmington, NC... doing 43 in a poorly marked 25mph school zone (that only applied from 2:00-3:00), ticketed at 2:55 pm.
[ Danny Fischler] 1 ticket, $239, going 75 on Route 7 N. '''Don't speed in Pownal. Ever.'''
Cam Henry: $125$ ticket in Harrison, NY reduced to $75$...84 in a 55 on I-287 (do not speed on that road) which was reduced on the spot to a seatbelt violation
[ Spike Friedman]
[[Jonathan Landsman]] '05 $280 for 75 in a 55 on the Taconic State Parkway on the way to visit Williams. Got me literally at my exit.
[ Thomas Miller] $190 doing 84 in a 65 somewhere on the Mass Pike. It was pretty much the best first speeding ticket ever.
[ Rahul Shah] $450 for doing 70 in a short stretch of 35 at 2 am outside Pittsfield.