Thompson Chapel Bells

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The [[Thompson Chapel]] bell tower houses a set of chimes (technically a few bells short of a carillon) which are rung three times daily (12:50, 4:00, 7:00) by the student [ Guild of Carilloneurs].

The ten bells are tuned in an Eb Major scale with an additional ninth and a flat sixth, to wit:

Eb | F | G | Ab | Bb | C | Db | D | Eb | F

This generally accomodates songs in Eb Major, Ab Major, and F Minor. The bells are played by means of levers arranged in a console on the second level of the tower connected by wires to the bells on the top level. Pushing down on the lever pulls the clapper on the end of the wire which rings the (stationary) bell. See [ pictures] on Photoshare.

With each hand playing one note simultaneously, plus foot pedals attached to the three lowest notes, limited counterpoint and/or harmony are possible.

===Guild of Carilloneurs 2005-2006===

* [[Adam Banasiak '08]]
* [[Jason Fan '08]]
* [[Lindsay Long-Waldor '06]]
* [[Joe McDonough '06]]
**Rings Monday 12:50, Tuesday 4:00, Thursday 7:00, Friday 12:50, Sunday 7:00
**Most frequently played: Respighi, Preludio and L'Usignuolo from ''The Birds''; Handel, March from ''Occasional Oratorio''; medleys from ''Mary Poppins'' and ''The Sound of Music''; Copland, Hoe-Down from ''Rodeo'', assorted [[Elizabethans]] and [[Choir]] music; hymns
**Drop-ins welcome; will attempt requests and plays for birthdays at no charge
* [[Allison Seyferth '08]]