Thompson Chapel Bells

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The Not to be confused with the automated [[Lasell Gym Bells]] which ring on the hour and at fifteen-minute intervals, to the annoyance of Morgan residents and a cappella groups trying to record in the chapel, the [[Thompson Chapel]] bell tower houses a set of chimes chime (technically a few bells short of a carillon) which are is rung three times daily (12:50, 4:00, 7:00) and on special occasions ([[Mountain Day]], etc.) by the student [ Guild of Carilloneurs].
The ten bells are tuned in an Eb Major scale with an additional ninth and a flat sixth, to wit:
See [ pictures] on Photoshare.
With each hand playing one or two notes note simultaneously, plus foot pedals attached to the three lowest notes, limited counterpoint and/or harmony are possible.
===Guild of Carilloneurs 2005-2006===