Students with automotive skills

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[ Matthew Earle] $605 ($305 ticket + $300 NY State fee for points on license) on I-87 south of Plattsburgh for 88, that they know about, in a 65)
[ Evan Miller] (88 on I-88 in Bainbridge, NY, incurring what seemed to be a reasonable $155 fine . . . that later blossomed into a $455 fine due to New York State's $300 "Reckless Driver SurchargeResponsibility Assessment." If you go 21 MPH over the speed limit in New York, then in addition to your ticket, you will instantly qualify for 6 "points," which translates into an assessment of $100 per annum for three years.)
[ Andrew Wang] ($115 on I-80 in Wayne, NJ for doing 88 in a 55...I swear to God I thought it was a 65...)