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Great Dining Services Sandwiches: 30 cents for tomato, not 20
'''Tuna melt:''' Grilled and greasy at the Snacky B.
'''Grilled cheese and tomato''' The humble workhorse of the snack bar, where this favorite for the late study snack flies off the grill. The tomato is 20¢ 30¢ extra over a plain grilled cheese, but ''so'' worth it. One of the semesterly [[Late Night Snacks]] hosted by dining services near [[finals]] time is based around this sandwich.
'''Scary ass hot dogs:''' Don't even think about it.
'''THE PUB BURGER:''' Prostrate yourself before the mighty Pub Burger. This colossus comes with steak fries and a set of fixins, some of which are never served with any other dish. Choose from sauteed onion, peppers, and mushrooms, bacon, and cheese sauce, in addition to anything else you can pile.