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Though few current students may remember when [[Greylock Dining Hall]] started their midday deli tradition, it set in motion a lunch revolution that would sweep through the campus [[dining hall|dining halls]], giving rise to the short but very popular run of [[Baxter North Dining Hall]] and culminating in today'[s [[Driscoll]] lunches, to some the defining lunch experience. [[Bob Vol[piVolpi]] has brought [[Driscoll]] a long way from its [[Dirty D]] days.
Do you snub the speed of [[Grab 'n' Go]] because a good lunch just can't be rushed, even if it means being late to lab? Do you think the panini sandwich presses were an even better buy than the [[Schow chair|Schow chairs]]? This page is for you and for all dining hall sandwich connoisseurs. Here we celebrate dining hall sandwiches, including those found on the service line, but most especially this page is for those sandwiches dreamed up by the students who enjoy them.