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Good Question was created almost 11 years ago, which makes it one of the youngest a cappella groups on campus. However, having just hit puberty means that the awkward years are over, and GQ is getting rather sexy. Stuck between crazy and hot (leaning, however, to the latter) GQ has been known to put on a good show, always with something to laugh at, someone to drool over, and some pretty damn good music to listen to in between. Members are rumored to like the following: monkeys, chicken feet, hot people, sex drugs and rock and roll, canadians, and, most importantly, $200 worth lots and lots of chocolate pudding. We just finished recording our newest CD, which should be available shortly, and have been known to be regular participants in the annual Acastock festival in Wellesley, MA, with amazing groups like the MIT Logarhythms and the Tufts Beelzebubs among others.
Currently, the group consists of: • Andy Eklund Miles Klee '07 (music director) • Steve Abbott '07 (business director) •Vlado Nedkov '06, Julie Esteves '06 (publicity managers) • Christine Hunt '06 (alumni relations [ha!]) • Ellen Crocker '06 • Miles Klee '07 • Peter Shin '08 • Dalena Frost '09 • Lauren Bloch '09 • Matt Lincoln '09 • Emily Olsen '09 • Dave Kleinschmidt '09 • Claire Monroy '09
Members abroad/taking a break from singing: Andy Eklund'07, Tracy Foote '07 • Amanda LaSane '07
Also, you can check out GQ's non-functionning website [ here].