Students with automotive skills

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Parallel Park
[[Macy Radloff]], native Bostonian, was proud of her three finger park -- three in front, zero in the back because she was bumper to bumper with the next car. It seems as though she has been outdone, by one finger. She can, however, parallel park the B&G 12 passenger vans in relatively tight spots, which she still considers an accomplishment.
:''Jonathan replies:'' we can call it a tie. I could fit somewhere between 1 and 2 fingers on either side, so if it was one and a half, it was we're even. Plus, you, being a lady, probably have daintier, thinner fingers.
[ David Rodriguez] is also a native New Yorker and often takes it upon himself to giggle at the non-city folk that have such a tough time parking in huge spots on Spring Street.