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Hickory Bill's Bar-B-Que
Try the brisket (it's delicious), or the ribs, and don't forget to add a liberal helping of BBQ sauce (comes in "hot" and "mild" flavors; both are fantastic.) Dinner meals are around eight or nine dollars and come with a large portion of meat, a choice of two sides (beans, coleslaw, potato salad, etc...) and a peice of their amazing Mexican cornbread. You can get a lunch special for around $5. The portions are large and satisfying, and well worth it. If you've got room left, finish the meal off with a piece of their home-styl sweet potato pie. If you're in a rush, call in advance and stop by for take out, but if you have time, sit at a table and talk to Hickory Bill (a very chill guy). He'll give you a student discount (something around 10%) if he likes you.
The family meal (I forget what it's called exactly) that claims to serve 6 indeed does and is an excellent value. The potato salad is good too.
20 Holden St North Adams, MA, 01247 (Right next to Gideon's)