Peer Health

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Peer Health is a student-run organization at Williams College that provides the Williams community with information about health and sexuality. We serve as a bridge between the student body and Psychology Services and the [[Health Center]].We also provide gynecological education sessions and anonymous pregnancy testing, as well as information sessions for first-year entries. Issues that Peer Health deals with are: eating concerns, drugs and alcohol, sexual assault, women's and men's health, sex and sexuality, pregnancy options, sexually transmitted diseases, and stress. All Peer Health members are trained during [[Winter Study]]. If you are interested in being trained in the coming Winter Study, please email
In past years, Peer Health had an office in the basement of [[BaxterHall]]. Unfortunately, in the confusion of the construction, we were left without an office! So, in order to get in touch with us questions concerning any of the topics above, please email
To get condoms: