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Bronfman Fund for Jewish Studies
The maximum stipend for research, internships, and creative projects is $3400 for 10 weeks of full-time work. Applications will be accepted for part-time projects, or projects taking less than 10 weeks. CES encourages students to seek funding from additional sources. In the case that partial funding is obtained elsewhere, CES will provide not more than the difference between the funding secured and $3400 for 10 weeks of full-time work.
==== Bronfman Fund for Judaic Studies ====
* '''Adminstrator''': [ Professor Gerrard], Chair, [ Jewish Studies Program]
The Bronfman Fund for Judaic Studies was established in 1980 by Edgar M. Bronfman `50, Samuel Bronfman II `75, and Matthew Bronfman `80. The Bronfman Fund provides opportunities for the Williams community to learn about Jewish history and culture, both within the College's formal curriculum and through the planning of major events on Jewish themes.