Driscoll Deviations

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*'''Iron Chef''', at which two teams of cooks made haste to concoct culinary creations that were sometimes disgusting, sometimes phallic, but always inventive.
*'''Rejected Super Heros Night''', where many lesser known heroes emerged in all their ignominy.
*'''Odd Takes [[DoddDining Hall|Dodd]]''', the only Driscoll Deviation to take place in a [[dining hall ]] other than Driscoll. Some residents of [[Dodd]] swore they'd never forget the moment when an army of pirates, ninjas, and Vikings bearing large [[bopswording|duct-tape swords]] invaded their previously peaceful home.
*'''Gods and Goddesses''', a kind of rite of the spring of 2005 that the heavens surely smiled upon.
*'''Thrift Store''', an event held September 24th 2005 inspired by the recent [[ABC sale]] which took students to the backs of their wardrobes to assemble ensembles tacky enough to fit in.