Guide to Wine

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Wine [[Category:Guides]]Unlike [[beer]], wine says class. And often 12-13% alcohol by volume. Here’s Here's some basic info for the next time you’re you're looking for a drink to complement your meal, trying to impress someone, or simply browsing ye old Spirit Shoppe for something new.
==Types of Wine==
===Red Wines===
*Pinot Noir
*Cabernet Sauvignon
===White Wines===
*Pinot Grigio
*White Zinfandel
*Pinot Grigio
*White Zinfandel===Comparison Guide===
*Gewürztraminer<center>{| cellspacing="7"! ||RED||WHITE|-|-|''Sweetest''||Pinot Noir||Riesling|-| ||Zinfandel||Chardonnay|-| ||Cabernet||Chenin Blanc|-| ||Syrah||Sauvignon Blac|-|''Driest''||Merlot||Brut|-|-! ||RED||WHITE|-|-|''Lightest''||Merlot||Brut|-| ||Zinfandel||Fume Blanc|-| ||Chianti||Pinot Grigio|-| ||Pinot Noir||Riesling|-|''Heaviest''||Cabernet||Chardonnay|-|}</center>
===Fortified Wines===
Fortified wines are wines with more alcohol added, originally in order to preserve the wine on long trips overseas. The result is a sweeter, more powerful drink, referred to in the US as a Dessert wine.
* Sherry
* Port
* Marsala
* Madeira
* Vermouth
* Muscat
* MD 20/20
* Cisco
* Thunderbird
* Night Train
* Wild Irish Rose
* Ripple
* Boone's Farm
* Buckfast Tonic Wine
* After Dark
* Cool Breeze
* Red Rooster 21 / Red Lady 21
* Johnny Bootlegger
* Madeira===General Tips===Red wines are generally served at a cool room temperature. Many white wines should be chilled before imbibement with a meal. Really old wine is probably ok to drink because of its alcohol content, it's a matter of taste. Drink what you like, not what people tell you you should.
* Vermouth====Sources====1.
* Muscat2.