East College

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[[Category:Student Housing]]
The second-oldest building on campus, it was constructed in 17971798, several years after [[West College]]. They were creative with the building names back when the college was founded, weren't they? East college burned in 1841 and was rebuilt in 1842. The entire interior was gutted and reconstructed during the summer of 1956 using unusual construction methods and utilizing prefabricated steel and concrete slabs and partitions.
East College is now one of the two first-year dorms in the [[Odd Quad]], along with [[Fayerweather Hall]]. Both of theses dorms feature horizontal entries, unlike the vertical entries in the other freshman housing [[Morgan]], [[Lehman]], [[Sage]], and [[Williams Hall]]. East is located directly across the quad from [[Currier]], and is thus an excellent position for aspiring [[WARPies]] or [[Deviants]]. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on the day of the week, it is also located directly across the [[eyeballs]] from [[Goodrich]], which can get rather annoying for first-years trying to do work on weekends, but does make stopping for a cuppa on the way to class quite convenient.