Stuff For Sale

contact Eva Breitenbach (10ekb) with interest in the following:

  • large rug, roughly 12x8, green and maroon print on tan background, $10
  • five-bulb standing lamp with moveable lamp heads, gives a TON of light, $15
  • twin bed comforter, reversible, blue/green/red/yellow, $5

contact Christina Liu (10ctl) if you want to buy:

  • a waist-high, white fridge/freezer combo, complete with ice cube trays and pull-out fridge shelf -- clean and works well, $40 (but highly negotiable)
  • black framed, full-length mirror (not the kind that makes you look excessively fat), $5
  • silver floor lamp, $5
  • long, white, sheer window curtains, $5