Weekly happenings

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  • Chinese Table - come speak mandarin chinese. Greylock, Wilson room, 5:30 pm.
  • The Williams College Green Party meets at 9:00 pm in Griffin 3 or thereabouts.


  • Jesse Levitt and Alan Cordova work in the observatory and email people if it's clear out. Sign up for emails!
  • The Women's Center meets at 9 pm in Hardy House
  • WSO meets at 9:30 pm in TCL 216 or thereabouts. (As of October 2007)


  • Midweek Music Student Concert Series happens every week at 12:15 on Chapin Stage.
  • Russkii Stol meets at noon in the Greylock Makepeace Room.
  • ACE E-Board (the officers) meet in Paresky at 7:15, usually.
  • Dinner Discussions/other events, most weeks at the JRC at 6:30 pm.
  • Record writers and editors meet at 6:30 pm in the Record office. Also, the paper comes out early Wednesday morning and is available all across campus.
  • Gymnastics practices at Gym Source in Pittsfield, leaving Chapin steps at 7:30 pm and returning at 10:30 pm.
  • Ace Stressbusters in Paresky at 8.
  • QSU Meetings are held in Hardy House at 9PM
  • WOC meets at 7 in Paresky 220
  • Lit Review meets from 7-9 in Paresky.
  • Polar bear swim in the Green River, expedition departs from Paresky at 10PM.


  • Spanish Table 12pm in the Wilson Room at Greylock.
  • College Bowl meets at 8:00 pm somewhere in Hopkins Basement. No experience required. Kind of like Jeopardy, but sillier.


  • Friday Night Fellowship - Williams Christian Fellowship meets at 6:00PM, usually in Griffin 3 (look out for posters or e-mails for alternate events). All are welcome.
  • Deutscher Tisch mittags im Wilson-Zimmer des Greylock Dining Halls. Komm doch mal, wenn du Deutsch sprichst!



  • Rape and Sexual Assault Network (RASAN) meets in Hardy House at 7pm.
  • Student Global AIDS Campaign (SGAC) meets at 8 pm in CES livingroom. All are welcome.
  • The Debate Team has its weekly meeting in the afternoon or early evening at Paresky's Henze Lounge.
  • Black Student Union meets at 7PM in Rice House. All are welcome! Email 10nes for questions.
  • WCFM Board Meetings are at 8PM every Sunday in Hopkins 206. All WCFM DJs are welcome to attend.