Williams for Life

Williams for Life
Type of groupPolitical/Activist
Meeting timeWednesday (may vary)
Meeting placeParesky Center
Established2013 (part of Williams Catholic previously)

Williams for Life (WFL) is Williams College’s pro-life group that focuses on issues affecting a person’s right to life. These are wide ranging and include abortion and euthanasia. Our goal is to bring attention to these social issues that are often ignored on the college campus, or otherwise presented only from a pro-choice view. As a pro-life group, we are also available for any support pregnant students may need. Anyone with questions about on campus pregnancy resources can speak with a WFL officer or visit the Williams College pregnancy resources page, hosted by Students for Life of America (SFLA).

We host both weekly meetings and larger events throughout the academic year. WFL works closely with SFLA, which supports pro-life groups at colleges across the United States.


Throughout the academic year, WFL hosts larger events aimed to involve the whole student body. We often table for events such as National Pro-Life Cupcake Day, held yearly on October 9th. We have also had displays, including one for the Human Rights Tour sponsored by SFLA. Occasionally, WFL travels to other schools for Pro-Life conferences. However, the largest events that WFL hosts on campus are speaker events. In the past, we have hosted Sally Winn of Feminists for Life.

WFL members also travel to Washington D.C. each year to attend the March for Life, held on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, January 22nd, which takes place during Winter Study. Following this is a conference held by SFLA right outside of Washington D.C. that features numerous pro-life speakers and groups.