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| meeting-place  = Paresky  
| meeting-place  = Paresky  
| office        = Jenness House, 2nd Floor
| office        = Jenness House, 2nd Floor
| contact-name  = Danny Guo, Jamie Baik
| contact-name  = Melinda Wang, Anna Zhou
| contact-unix  = yg2, jsb1
| contact-unix  = mbw12, az2
| wso-listserver =  
| wso-listserver =  
| oit-listserver = aasia-l@listserv.williams.edu
| oit-listserver = aasia-l@listserv.williams.edu
| website        = http://aasia.williams.edu
| website        = http://daviscenter.williams.edu/student-groups/aasia/
| established    =  
| established    =  
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== See also: ==
== See also: ==
* [http://aasia.williams.edu The AASiA website]
* [http://daviscenter.williams.edu/student-groups/aasia/ The AASiA website]

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Type of groupDiversity, Social, Political
Meeting timeTBD
Meeting placeParesky
OfficeJenness House, 2nd Floor

Asian American Students in Action (AASiA), as the umbrella organization for Chinese-American Student Organization (CASO), Koreans of Williams (KOW), South Asian Students Association (SASA), Vietnamese Students Association (VSA), and Asian Dance Troupe (ADT), is committed to facilitation, interaction, and communication among these groups. AASiA is also an independent group, separate from the subgroups, with its own goals and activities and works to foster Asian American awareness in the Williams community. AASiA is also prepared to act as the representative of the subgroups in large events jointly sponsored with other organizations on campus. Through social activities, intellectual discussions, and political activism, AASiA strives to provide a forum for community-building and cross-cultural exchange.

AASiA Board

2012-2013 AASiA Board
Co-Chairs: Melinda Wang '14 and Anna Zhou '14
Treasurer: Fiona Dang '15
Secretary/Historian: Si Young Mah '14
MinCo Representative: Corbin Chu '15
PR Director: Gloria Joo '15
General Meeting Coordinators: Linda Chu '14, Jamie Baik '14, Frank Zheng '14

Previous AASiA Boards

2011-2012 AASiA Board
Co-Chairs: Danny Guo '13 and Jamie Baik '14
Treasurer: Isabel Yoon '14
Secretary: Si Young Mah '14
MinCo Representative: Linda Chu '14
PR Director: Gloria Joo '15
Political Action Coordinator: Lily Wong '12
Social Events Coordinator: Won-jun Kuk '14
Historian: Anna Zhou '14

2010-2011 AASiA Board
Co-Chairs: Greg Kim '11 and Seohee Kim '11
Treasurer: Mo Zhu '11
Secretary: Andrew Chen '11
MinCo Representative: Danny Guo '13/ Isabel Yoon '14
PR Representatives: Jamie Baik '14
Political Action Coordinator: Patrick Lin '13
Social Events Coordinator: Nancy Dong '11
Historian: Roxy Wang '14
CASO Rep: Melinda Wang '14
KOW Rep: Eunice Baek '13

2009-2010 AASiA Board
Co-Chairs: Susan Yoon '10
Treasurer: Makisha Maier '10
Secretary: Christina Liu '10
MinCo Representative: Sungik Yang '13
PR Representatives: Seohee Kim'11
Political Action Coordinator: Tasha Chu '11
Social Events Coordinator: Greg Kim '11
Historian: Lily Wong '12
SASA Rep: Farhan Gilani '12
CASO Rep: Cecilia Ho '13
KOW Rep: Boyoung Yoon '12

2008-2009 AASiA Board
Co-Chairs: Laura Huang '11 and Greg Kim '11
Treasurer: Yibai Li '10
Secretary: Akemi Ueda '11
MinCo Representative: Faisal Khan '11
PR Representatives: Tasha Chu '11, Tina Zeng '11
Political Action Coordinator: Alex Ratte '09
Social Events Coordinator: Eugene Won '09
Historian: Rena Xie '09
SASA Rep: Makisha Maier '10
CASO Rep: Alda Chan '09
KOW Rep: Kari Yook '12

2007-2008 AASiA Board
Co-Chairs: Esther Jun '10 and Kay Kim '09
Treasurer: James Jin Chung '09
Secretary: Greg Kim '11
MinCo Rep: Eugene Won '09
PR Rep: Brian Delmolino '09, Christina Liu '10
Political Action Coordinator: TBA
Social Events Coordinator: Ruth Yoo '09
SASA Rep: Rahul Shah '09
CASO Rep: Tina Zeng '11
KOW Rep: Cate Cho '10

2006-2007 Events

Saturday, 4/7, 9pm, Goodrich
JOHNNY HI-FI CONCERT plus Dogsbody & DJ Fuzion Come see DOGSBODY, Prof. Kris Kirby's band, and JOHNNY HI-FI, a NYC-based rock/power pop band. DJ FUZION will be spinnin tunes for the aftershow party until 2am. Traditional beverages will be served. www.johnnyhi-fi.com

Wednesday, 4/18, 8pm, Goodrich
KT Tatara: Standup Comedy @ Stressbusters KT Tatara is one of the best young comedians today. The Washington D.C. native, now based in Los Angeles is moving up quickly in the comedy world, winning numerous contests and performing all over the country and he has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. KT’s comedy is an original style with unique opinions and unpredictable jokes that leave people on the edge of their seats. www.myspace.com/kttatara

Past Events

Thursday, 11/16, 8pm, Goodrich
iLL-Literacy at Williams Spoken word collective (Dahlak Brathwaite, Nico Cary, Adriel Luis, and Ruby Veridiano-Ching). Embracing peace, exploring collective spirit, and elevating style, iLL-Literacy serves up a unique culmination of theater, spoken word poetry, music, and community. www.thisisill.com

Saturday, 10/28, 8pm, Goodrich
KEN OAK BAND and darlingside . Classical meets contemporary. An evening of cello rock. Coffee and cider provided. www.kenoakband.com

Friday, 10/20, 5pm, Hopkins
"Masters of the Pillow" Screening: A documentary about a professor's quest to make an all-Asian American porno. EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT. Free pizza and drinks.

Asian American Heritage Month

Every April, AASiA and its subgroups hold a number of events to raise awareness about Asian American history, issues, and culture. Events range from guest speakers to food benefits to concerts to film screenings.

Asian American Heritage Month 2007 More Than Meets The Eye
Highlight of Events
4/7 Johnny Hi-Fi Concert w/ Dogsbody & Dj Fuzion, 9pm @ Goodrich
4/12 Professor Gary Okihiro: Keynote Speaker, 8pm @ Paresky Theater
4/18 KT Tatara: Standup Comedy, 8pm @ Goodrich

Asian American Heritage Month 2006 Diary of Asian America: You think you know, but you have no idea. The idea for our month's theme came from the popular MTV show Diary, which emerged as an invitation into the life of an artist, narrated first-hand, directly into the camera. Up close and personal, untraditional and uncut, the show gives viewers a perspective of an artist that is different from typical media portrayals. This month is a celebration of Asian Americans as artists as well as an invitation to explore the different dimensions of Asian America through the sharing of unique talents and life experiences. Going beyond the stereotypical media portrayals of Asian America, we hope to highlight the lives and works of poets, musicians, filmmakers, corporate executives, journalists, and other artists, offering a closer look at the multi-dimensional and evolving nature of Asian America.

The Ides perform in Goodrich.

Highlight of Events
4/8 Convocation w/ Yvonne Hao '95 Trustee, 8pm @ Goodrich
4/13 Barbara Tran poetry reading, 4:00pm @ Stetson
4/13 Jamie Chung from MTV's Real World, 8pm @ Goodrich
4/14 Alice Wu's "Saving Face", 5pm @ Images
4/14 The Ides in Concert, 10pm @ Goodrich
4/15 KOW Spring Festival, 2pm @ Lasell Gym
4/20 "Yellow Apparel" Screening, 5:30pm @ Hopkins B03
4/21-22 "Bombay in My Soul" Bhangra Dance Show, 8pm @ Lasell Dance Studio
4/24 Professor Anne Choi, 4:30pm @ Griffin 3
4/27 Thomas Huang: Keynote Speaker, 4:30 pm @ Griffin 6
4/28 Bhangra Party, 10pm @ Goodrich
4/29 Night Market Food Benefit, 6pm @ Goodrich

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